Professions (ESO) Guide

23 FEB/ by BuyEso

Professions: manufacturing

To create an object, use Crafting Station, by pressing [E] button and calling crafts menu. In the upper right corner, select the desired product category. Selecting the category, use the arrow keys to view and select the type of product. Then use the arrow keys to select the material you want to work and also using the "plus" and "minus" buttons to choose the quality of the product.

Select race style products. Initially will be available only style of native character's race, but eventually it will be possible to learn other styles.

Select one of the available features to improve the product. Studying other products, you can open new features.

Professions: improving items

To improve your existing items find Crafting Station and start working by pressing [E] button. Click on the icon Improvement in the top menu crafts bar and select the desired category. Will appear a list of items from your inventory, which can be improved.

Double click on the object selected for improvement, put it in the "Improve" slot in the center of the screen. Material needed to improve the quality of the selected object will appear on the side. The "plus" (+) button underneath will increase the flow of resources and the chance that the improvement will be successful. When you determine your choice, press [1] button to begin the improvement.

Professions: Extraction

To extract materials, including suitable for improvement of other things, searching inspiration and hidden features available in the inventory of items, for processing raw materials into the necessary components, find the Crafting Station and start the interaction by pressing [E] button. Click on the Extraction icon on the top menu crafts bar, and then select from the dropped down list the desired element for extraction or processing of raw material.

To remove the material, double-click the object that you want to disassemble, and then press the [R] button, to confirm the decision.

Dismantling will destroy the object. To drag over raw materials or scrap, double-click it, and then press [E] button, to confirm the decision.

Profession: research

To examine the weapons and armor activate Crafting Station, by pressing [E] button. Click on the Research icon in the top menu crafts bar and then use the left and right buttons to select trait research. If there is a subject in your inventory that can be studied, it appears below. Double-click the object that you want to explore, and press [R] button to confirm.

The research process takes some time, which will increase.

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