Professions (ESO): enchanter, provisioner

16 FEB/ by BuyEso


Enchanters are looking for runes all over the world. Then on the enchantment tables they collect glyph from runes, with which can be improved their equipment and other items.

At the same tables you can disassemble glyphs on runes. To do this, activate on the table the extraction tab and select from the inventory disassembly glyph. But do not forget that after that glyph will be destroyed.

Glyphs are created from runes of three different types: Potency, Aspect and Essence. Potency, determines the required level and strength of the future glyph, Aspect - the quality and Essence - magical effect. Experienced enchanter, who is collecting runes, combines with all the found items, trying to decipher their hidden language and unlock hidden magical properties.


Provisioner gathers the ingredients found in boxes, barrels, sacks and other containers found all around the world, and also recipes of food and drinks - in chests, suitcases and desks.

After finding a new recipe provisioner should right-click on it in inventory and select “Use”, to write into the book of recipes.

Provisioners prepare new food and drinks with the help of Provisioning Station, one of the many suitable for cooking stations, scattered all over the world.

After the provisioner will gather all the necessary ingredients for the studied recipe, he can use it to focus and create a new product. Food provides increasing for a long-term of Health, Magicka and Stamina. Drinks accelerate the regeneration of health, magicka and stamina. Some rare recipes are even able to improve the player’s features for a long period.

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