• As recently known, to all EB Games stores was sent a directive that all unsold copies of The Elder Scrolls Online, including prepaid cards, must be returned back to the publisher.

    A source at the EB Games has confirmed that everything related to the game will be removed on January 13. Publishers have not told the reason of the game removing. But it is believed that the ESO will change the business model and will become shareware. It has already been canceled paid subscriptions for 180 days, although players have still the opportunity to buy a subscription for 30 or 90 days.

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  • Update number 6 introduces an absolutely new progress system in The Elder Scrolls Online. Champion system will offer you more choice for the development of your characters, exploring Tamriel and getting experience, it will give them access to strong passive abilities. After you reach the veteran rank (or, when update number 6 is issued you will already have a character with veteran rank) champion system will be available for your entire account.

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