Champion system guide (Update number 6)

17 JAN/ by BuyEso

Update number 6 introduces an absolutely new progress system in The Elder Scrolls Online. Champion system will offer you more choice for the development of your characters, exploring Tamriel and getting experience, it will give them access to strong passive abilities. After you reach the veteran rank (or, when update number 6 is issued you will already have a character with veteran rank) champion system will be available for your entire account.

Champion points

In the champion system, all your characters with the veteran rank will earn champion points by participating in everything that gives experience. Only veteran characters earn championship points, but they will be available for all your characters (even for non veteran rank). It means that each time when you earn champion points, each of your characters on this megaserver can spend it, if he wants so. Each character can spend all earned champion points a in different way.


As you know, Warrior, Thief and Mage are the constellations keepers. Each of them has three smaller constellations, and all together they represent aspects of force. Each constellation contains different abilities which you can purchase for champion points.

When you get a champion point, it will be assigned to warrior, mage or thief in turn way. For example, after you earn a point in Thief, your next point will be assigned to the Mage, and then to the the Warrior. You choose in which of the three constellations under this sign you will put a point.

Champion passives

Each constellation has a common theme. Points invested into Warrior, will increase your health and will help you to improve your defensive abilities. When you transfer points to Thief, stamina will increase and you will be able to choose useful bonuses, and points invested into Maga, will increase your magicka and physical and magical attack capabilities.

Passive bonuses offered in the constellations are diverse and allow you to customize your characters as you wish, it doesn’t matter what kind of build you are using. Each constellation contains separate stars, but each star has its own unique rewards. You can spend 100 points on each star in the constellation.

If you spend points on star in a certain constellation, you'll get a very powerful passive bonuses. They are unlocked at 10, 30, 75 and 120 points invested into the constellation. In total there are 36 powerful passive bonuses, and they offer excellent opportunities for improvement in the champion system.


To help you to earn champion points, was introduced a new mechanic to the game called enlightenment. Over time, your account will earn Enlightenment points, even if you are not logged in game.

When you begin to participate in activities that give experience for veteran character, enlightenment will provide you with an additional bonus in champion points progression, helping to obtain them faster. During the game you may face to the fact that enlightenment has been finished, but do not worry, new points are added to your account every 24 hours.

You can gain experience by completing quests, killing enemies, fighting in Cyrodiil, exploring dungeons and delves, and also fighting in Trials and the Dragonstar Arena.

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